Palm Springs Community

Palm Springs Community
Developer: Confidential
Settlement: $3,920,500
Client: 186 Single Family Homes

The Naumann Law Firm and JCL Law Firm represented the owners of 186 single-family homes located in Palm Springs, Riverside County, California, against a National Homebuilder, several subcontractors and a flooring-product-manufacturer. The plaintiff homeowners contended that their newly constructed homes were damaged, in part, because of the installation of a defectively designed flooring product. The defective flooring product caused floor tiles to crack and break. As a result, plaintiffs’ homes lost value and otherwise required the plaintiff homeowners to incur costs to repair and replace their defective tile floors.

Mr. Naumann and Mr. Lapuyade argued that the defendant manufacturer defectively designed the flooring product. As a result, Mr. Naumann and Mr. Lapuyade asserted that the manufacturer, supplier and the installer, were all liable to the plaintiff homeowners under the theory of strict product liability. Shortly before the start of trial, and following multiple mediations and depositions, Mr. Naumann and Mr. Lapuyade successfully obtained a settlement for their clients in the amount of $3,920,500.00.
William H. Naumann, of The Naumann Law Firm and Jean Claude Lapuyade, of JCL Law Firm were the handling attorneys.